What is Archaeology?

Archaeology is the scientific study of past human societies through their material culture. In other words, Archaeologist try to figure out information about people of the past through examining what they left behind.

Archaeology is a science, and professional archaeologists spend many years learning about proper excavation techniques, research, and analysis to best interpret their findings.

Since an archaeological site can never be excavated twice, it is very important that sites be examined with utmost care and respect by qualified professionals.

Fundamentally, archaeologists are not seeking "stuff" but stories and information the "stuff" can tell us.

Looting is a significant concern in archaeology, and it is extremely important to understand that all archaeological sites discussed in the Shawmut Project are on state or federally owned property, which means any digging on the sites mentioned here is ILLEGAL without a state-issued archaeological permit. Also, many of the sites mentioned here are in areas with significant buried electrical wires for park and street lighting, therefore digging of any kind without proper notice and permissions can be DEADLY.

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